Daniel Prazer is the Production Manager of Fisheye Graphic Services in Chicago. He graduated with an MFA in creative writing from Columbia College Chicago. He spent two years as Assistant Artistic Director for the Story Week Festival of Writers. His creative nonfiction has appeared in Fictionary, Hair Trigger 30, Reservoirflashquake.org, Hypertext Magazine, and New City, and his essay “Firefighting” was a runner-up in the Knee Jerk Magazine inaugural essay contest; an excerpt of his thesis appeared in Open to Interpretation, published by the Fiction Writing Department and UK’s Bath Spa University. He’s the former managing editor of Fictionary, now the Online Editor, was an editor for Hair Trigger and The Story Week Reader, helped to launch the Fiction Writing Department’s Publishing Lab’s Web site, and has taught outreach workshops for seniors at Mather Lifeways. He works with the Columbia College Critical Encounters initiative, maintaining and designing the program’s Web sites.

Before moving to Chicago, he spent two years covering the county and business beats as a reporter at the Chillicothe Gazette, covering everything from traffic accidents to the 2004 presidential campaign—including scoring sit-down interviews with John Kerry, John Edwards, and Max Cleland. In Pike County, Ohio, sits a 3,700+ acre uranium enrichment plant. He covered the cleanup efforts (including breaking the discovery of Beryllium dust contamination) and the United States Enrichment Corporation’s move toward restarting production.

He lives in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago with his wife Ann.

Contact him via e-mail at dprazer (at) gmail.com.

3 Responses to “Who?”

  1. Mackenzie Yeager said

    I just loved the story in NewCity. Just lovely.

  2. I just loved the story in NewCity. Just lovely.

  3. Hey Dan, nice website. If you are in the area anytime soon the bowling alley doesn’t open until the 20th. Nice place for some interesting photos. As a side note Burrshire swimming pool off of 38th street closed and was just leveled.

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